Night Ghost – Glow in the Dark Phone Case

$25.99 USD

Tempered Glass Phone Case for IOS and Android Cell Phones

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Our durable and stylish tempered glass luminous cases have been handpicked for their uniqueness and toughness. The tempered glass backing can withstand cuts, scrapes and falls without allowing any damage to your phone, while the durable thermoplastic polyurethane plastic sides will protect your phone from all angles.

The luminous image in the case will also glow in the dark, allowing its users to showcase the design both night and day.


Night Ghost

This beautiful design showcases the wild beauty of the night ghost. Many ancient cultures including the Celts, Germanic, Egyptian and Greek people include the deer in their mythology. In some Irish and Scottish myths and tales, deer are thought to belong to the world of the fairies, and are herded and milked by Tutelary, an otherworldly woman who can shape shift into the form of a red or white deer.

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